The World of Gydja

The world of Gydja

Gydja (pronounced: "gith-e-ya"), meaning Goddess in Icelandic, is a lifestyle brand created by the Icelandic designer and entrepreneur Sigrun Lilja. Gydja Collection strives to inspire people from around the world, using energy and materials which reside in the Icelandic nature.

Our mission is to give compassion into the world of fashion and offer eco friendly accessories.

We want to give the modern woman the self confidence and the power of a true goddess and capture the energy from mother nature and give it out to the world.

Nature as Fashion

Gydja Collection thrives to create wearable accessories for women that aren´t

afraid to express their strength and individuality. In the collections from Gydja you will find unique eco friendly Icelandic fish skin and high quality leather.

The handbags and shoes are handmade to ensure high quality for each and every piece from our unique collection.

Nature as Perfume

The only volcano and glacier perfumes in the world come from the Icelandic lifestyle brand Gydja. Gydja Parfum is a collection of exotic fragrances that are inspired by and made from elements in the pristine Icelandic nature. These fragrances are made with Icelandic mountain and glacier water which has been heralded as the fountain of youth since ancient times.

The collection of perfumes come from volcanoes that are said to possess mystical power and energy, filling the Gydja perfumes with its powerful magic and strength giving the wearer the opportunity to embrace themselves and feel the power from this mystical energy.

Attached to each Gydja Parfum is a lava stone, which might be as young as the recent eruption or thousands of year old. These lava stones connect those who hold them with the energy and magic, making them feel the burst of power, that has been growing and thriving in the Icelandic nature for thousands of years.