Empower Women

One of Sigrun Lilja´s mission is to support and empower women to have the courage they need to pursue their dreams. Sigrun Lilja throws a wanted workshops for women, called Konur til Athafna (e. Empower Women), were she leads the women through the journey of turning a business idea into a reality. In addition Sigrun Lilja established a fund for Icelandic female rescue workers volunteering in the Icelandic rescue team called Landsbjörg.

The next step for Sigrun Lilja is to empower women around the world, especially in the third world countries, were she want´s to throw empower women workshops. Although not all of the women around the world have the same facilities that women have in the western world, they have the same dreams and ideas that they want to achieve.

That is Sigrun Lilja´s vision, to see women get stronger and more independent all over the world.

Sigrun Lilja is in the progress in founding an organization, Empower Women, were she will get strong women around the world to be a part of. The main goal of the organization is to empower women all over the world. To empower women, is dealing with the core issue of so many of today's problems. Stronger women can feed their children, educate them into being strong individuals, that will in the end do the same for their children and etc.

“My vision is that women all over the world will have the same possibilities to follow their dreams and make their mark by creating their own opportunities. That´s what Empower Women is all about.

Sigrun Lilja