Eco Fashion

Gydja Collection’s mission is to give compassion into the world of fashion andoffer eco friendly and wearable accessories for women that aren´t afraid to express their strength and individuality.We in Gydja Collection are known for using leather of the finest quality in all our products and we love to mix and match with Icelandic Eco friendly fish leather. 

The Icelandic fish leathers used in Gydja Collection’s products is produced of Salmon, Wolfish and Perch, which is caught for food. For this reason, these materials are a by-product reclaimed from food processing activities, as the animals are not raised with the express purpose of using their hides.

Geothermal hot water is used for the production of the Icelandic fish leather in our accessories which makes the production very efficient, environmentally friendly and a renewable resource. In addition, all electricity comes from a hydroelectric power station.Our fish leather has a natural cross-fibre structure in which the fibres run only in one direction. This natural cross-fibre pattern makes fish leather stronger than “ordinary” leathers



Salmon swims wild in the North Atlantic Ocean but enters Icelandic rivers to breed. It is also farmed for food in marine pens in some fjords of Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Norway and elsewhere.

Elegance and refinement best describe the qualities of salmon leather. The leather is thin and pliable, although quite strong compared to other hides of this thickness. The scales follow a delicate, repeated pattern, but the most noticeable feature is the narrow band that runs along the centre of salmon leather hides.


The Wolfish is a deep-sea species caught for food in the fishing grounds around Iceland. It is the natural array of dark spots that gives leather from the spotted wolfish its bold and unique character. Wolfish leather is very smooth since the spotted wolfish does not have scales like the salmon or the perch.


Leather made from the skin of the Perch is characterized by a rough-hewn surface of coarse scales, which conjures up a certain wild and primal charm. Perch leather is much thicker than other types of fish leather.